These desktops are specially made for visitors of my site to use for desktops on their computer. They coordinate with several graphics sets, and I have included links to those below the desktop image. I hope to add more images to this site if there is interest in them.

If you are interested in using this on your website or plan to do anything with it for commercial purchases, you must contact me.
Thanks and enjoy!

Click to open the window with the desktop in it,
and then right click on the graphic to save it to your hard drive.
Newest sets are on the top of the page.
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Solace [800x600]
Solace [1024x768]
Solace Graphics Set
redswirl icon

Red Swirl [800x600]
Red Swirl [1024x768]
Red Swirl Graphics Set
rosebw icon

Sophisticated Rose [800x600]
Sophisticated Rose [1024x768]
Sophisticated Rose Graphics Set
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Valentine [800x600]
Valentine [1024x768]
Valentine Graphics Set

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