I call this section web jewelry because graphics are the way to bring character to your website -- they creates the proper shimmer and shine that helps you get noticed like a stunning pair of earings or a beautiful necklace might do. If you leave a impression on your viewers, your site is more likely to stick in their head and this will make them more likely to visit you again.

You'll find websets, individual things, and some special options for custom made sets. Many of the sets available currently are linkware, which means you need to give a link back using one of the buttons on my link to me page.

In addition to the linkware sets you will find here, I specialize in redoing websites - taking a list of links and creating a new look based on the feel of your site. I can pick fonts and colors and designs or use a base idea that you will provide. I'd also be happy to renovate a set that I have already done.

Before you view the graphics, I ask that you read the following terms of usage page, which will give you a link to continue on your search for the perfect graphics for your website.

Terms of Usage and on to the graphics!

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