home This set would be a great one for a site that wanted to include a journal. Templates for 3 blogging software programs have been included - Blogger, Greymatter, and Movable Type. Check out Blogplates for more information, and to join the user directory.

Modifications to this set could be made to suit your personal needs - check out the rates page for more details. Personalized colors, header, navigation pieces or other options are all possiblities. If you would like anything to be modified, contact me at graphics@love-productions.com. I'd be interested in working with you!

Everything you see on this page is included as linkware - the backgrounds, table images, and the scripting (html, css, and blogger template). Any other changes can be made by me - I'll add special headers or navigation button, change the colors, or do any scripting work that you need. Please make no modifications to the graphics yourself, as stated in the terms page.

The font is Quixley LET. The set has been designed for 800x600 and IE, but works in lower and higher resolutions file as well and has been tested in Netscape.
All fields are required. You can use a nickname if you like. I'd just like to know who you are and I'd like to see what you do with my graphics. :)

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downloading assumes that you have read and plan to follow all terms on this page

All items in this set MUST be used on *your* server and include a linkback on every page with the graphics on them with the graphic that is in footer (the heart). Link the image to http://www.love-productions.com

The below template has been customized for a weblog/journal. Instructions are enclosed in the zip file for settting up a weblog. If you have questions, feel free to contact Kristine.

February 14, 2001
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