Love Productions was created when I was a young, making my own cards. I used to sign my name with a heart around it on the back of each and every card I made, creating a trademark for myself. It seemed natural to use this name as a distinctive signature for my creative ventures on the internet.

Check out the information below for the most recent updates!

  • 03.22.03: All new matching linkback images are featured on the Link To Me page.

  • 02.12.03: A new section has been added as a hosted project -- love-productions proudly presents mt-plugins.org, a site dedicated to Movable Type plugins.

  • 02.01.03: A brand new "lovely" design was given and the site navigation and contents were given a major overhaul.

  • 11.10.02: The Portfolio page has been completely redone, with images and descriptions of all prior projects. You'll see that I've been busy lately, with quite a few new clients and projects to work on! While working on that project, I put together quite a bit more info on the rates page.

  • 09.27.02: 10 new sets of stylesheets have been added to Blogstyles. All are 2 column templates with codes for Movable Type, although they could easily be adapted for another blogging software.

  • 08.18.02: Two new graphics sets have been added, with weblog templates for Movable Type, Greymatter, and Blogger.

  • 08.17.02: Blogstyles has added 4 sets of shareware templates to go along with the Photoblog and 3-Column Template themes for Movable Type.

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