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Pick a Skin

These skins aren't currently turned on. There's one design right now. If anybody really would like to see one of these skins turned into an option for viewing kadyellebee, let me know and I'll see what I can do!
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Want your own skins?
Check out Amy's tutorial and some extra MT tips on my site.
8. Half 'n half
contrasting colors to give a touch of drama to the girl who is half geek 'n half hopelessromantic romantic.
half n half
7. Lined Spring Geekyness
Valentine's skins are usually some of my favorites. So this is a modification on the 2004 v-day skin. All css, with some nice optimization for Mozilla (rounded corners), and a single image for all of the stripes. Lucida Sans Unicode is recommended, but Verdana looks okay too.
image coming soon
12. Basic Gray and White
A need for a new basic design as the default lead me to quickly whip this one up. Cross-browser friendly, back to Netscape 4 and up to IE6 and Mozilla Firebird. Silver and White and light colored letters are accented by some greens and oranges.
newest default
6. Money, honey.
Inspired by a Blogger default template named Currency, hence the money title. Its also a modification of an option at Blogstyles. Includes 7 color choices - my favorite is the green money color!
2. Pink and Green with Floral border
Playing with some nozzles in Painter and brushes in Photoshop, I came up with this border and the set was based around its colors.
pink green
3. Basic green with less sidebar info
Very simple, just a very basic green design for people who don't need to see *everything* on my sidebars.
basic green
19. rounded edges
Rounded boxes with cute pink girly headers are accented by a pink gelly header.
Optimized for Mozilla/Phoenix/Firebird browsers with their rounded corner options. IE6 scrolling bug causes issues for this skin.
rounded edges
17. G is for gray
silver and buttercream: inspired by a trading spaces episode!
Includes a whole series of color choices via a php color switcher!
buttercream and silver
4. SuperGoddess!
A play on a Superman-ish logo with some great filters. Nice and pink and goddesses! :)
5. Silver Gradients
A bit of silver, a cool font, and a bunch of gradients lend their hand to this skin. There's a bit of CSS3 going on, and looks quite slick!
silver gradients
14. mellowcreme
This design was made especially for Halloween 2002. Features a handpainted version of a mellowcreme pumpkin and a fun halloween font.
halloween mellowcreme
13. grunge skin
This skin is grunged out with brushes and classy fonts. I used my favorite colors and a heavy amount of CSS. The site is all css - all images are positioned and if you view the site with IE, you'll get opacity that makes it look even better!!.
kadyellebee grunge
18. Spring Tulip
A picture, a bunch of brushes, and absolute positioning makes for a beautiful spring tulip design.
tulip grunge
1. Original CSS
My first attempt at an entirely css style for my page. This skin is made almost completely with CSS, and although the elements may not appear the same in every browser, it is basic enough to work in every system. UPDATE: A styleswitcher now allows you to pick one of 6 CSS files to display this skin!
original css
15. story
This skin is no longer being updated and may not display properly on all browsers. mini story. for slower connections.
thats the story : I tend to be a storyteller. This is the story... This skin is all CSS, with a bit of JavaScript to control the sidebar switching. The top tabs move when moused-over. I like!
10. kadyellebee
This skin is no longer being updated and may not display properly on all browsers.
kadyellebee red : A design created especially to fit the new kadyellebee.com domain. Features images of me, and a great deal of CSS. The red background is from a photograph of some roses that Eric bought me for my birthday.
11. bubbles of love
This skin is no longer being updated and may not display properly on all browsers.
kadyellebee bubbles : Do you know what song the words are from? This was inspired by that song and photoshop's brush tool. I thought I needed a lighter colored version of a kadyellebee skin, and so this was born. Layout is almost the same as the kadyellebee black skin
Work Friendly
This style is very plain for basic needs. It doesn't display any of the images.
work friendly
The setup of skins for hopelessromantics/kadyellebee was made possible by a tutorial by Domesticat. And it was an excellent tutorial. :)