There are several sites hosted on the Love-Productions home. These, as well as the sites that I have designed in the past are listed here in my portfolio. I hope that these examples will help you see my skills which could be used on your sites :-)

kadyellebee: a journal site
This is my personal journal site, with many sections to follow my many interests.

The Kitchen: a recipe group journal
Over 30 members post regular recipes and kitchen tips on this group weblog.

A community and webring for the designers and users of weblog templates. Idea, design, and all updates are all done by Kristine.

Snap! - a photolog

MT Plugin Directory
A collection of information about Movable Type's plugins. Hosted and maintained by love-productions.

The Style Store
having <style> isn't always about fashion - I've got style, how 'bout you?!

Wedblog: webring for wedding journals

Anniversary Webring
For personal webpages celebrating love and life together.

Silveringrid Links Database
A place for the members of silveringrid to add their links. You'll find extraordinary links from extraordinary women here.

Kristine and Eric's Wedding Page
A site to celebrate the planning, wedding, and beyond for Kristine and Eric Beeson. This site also has a resource guide which is very helpful for couples planning their wedding!

Dr. Slice's Page of Free stuff
A site of free money, free software, free webpages, and other great free stuff!

A project dedicated to do projects in the name of Gillian Anderson. We've collected thousands of poptabs for the Ronald McDonald House!

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