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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Kristine and Eric's wedding webpage
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Everything up until this point can be found in kandekisses, the online journal that I recorded my wedding plans and thoughts in...
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<- part three--

The fairy tale is captured...

Sunday, the 13th
We started the formal pictures, and Doug and Tammy were great. They kept us going from picture to picture, and this made me less nervous about the pictures themselves. Megan had told me before hand that I should take a breath and breathe out and smile at the same time so that I didn't forget to breathe, and so this was working well :-)

formal picture Close up Formal Kristine Eric practise kissing Eric and Kristine
Kristine and Len and Noralee Eric and Larry and Lorna

While we were having pictures taken, candids were getting taken throughout everywhere.
Craig showing Lorna my ring Friends in the Church Cute Craig Len, Leonard, and Matthew In the Church Megan's profile

And in the kitchen, there was quite a production going on finishing the last minute fixings and working on making everything look beautiful.
Cake Table Food Table Large Flowers on food table Girls in the Kitchen

The guests were seated by Leonard and Matthew, and I went back to my room and got a chance to see Courtney. It was such an unexpected thing to have her come, and it sure made it special to be able to have a little bit of time to talk to her :-) I put the money in my garter as requested by the guys - I was so worried that on my way down the aisle, I would leave a trail of money, and that would be really bad!!

Kristine and FroggieI was just getting really nervous by this time because there were so many people out there! The girls came back frequently and gave me updates on who was coming in and what was happening. Rina caught a picture of me with my new stuffed animal Froggie who wanted to join me for the day and then for the honeymoon :-)

The Ceremony beings - continues...

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