These backgrounds are specially made for visitors of my site to use for backgrounds on their pages. They are only available for personal sites - if you wish to use them for a commercial site, you'll need to contact me and pay the commerical fees listed on the rates page.

If you use these on your personal site, you must give a link to me, using one of the graphics provided. Thanks and enjoy!

Click on the one you like, and it will open a new window with that has that background. Close that window to come back here :-) Please don't link directly to my site.

Christmas Backgrounds
xmas bkg xmas bkg xmas bkg xmas bkg
xmas bkg xmas bkg xmas bkg xmas bkg

Soft Country Series
softcountry bkg softcountry bkg softcountry bkg
Country Circle Series
Country Circle bkg Country Circle bkg Country Circle bkg
Circular Softness Series
Circuluar Softness bkg Circuluar Softness bkg Circuluar Softness bkg

The Black & Purple Series
Need a different color? A similar but differing design? Feel free to ask, and I can see what I can do!

The Honeycomb Series
To save, right click on the graphic below and select "Save Picture As..."
Need a different color? I can make you one, ask me for a rate

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